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Welcome to the official

DireSkies Store

Store Goal



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Proceeds Distribution

The Server Owner does not profit from sales through this store

Instead DireSkies operates as a non-profit server and all proceeds are used to

generate more players, further development, and improve the gameplay experience

Terms of Sale

Charging back hurts all DireSkies players, so we have a zero tolerance policy for it.

Charging back will result in a blacklist from all DireSkies related services. 

When you make a payment, you are entering into a commercial transaction for the exchange of specific products or services.

By purchasing a product through our store you understand that supposed In-Game "Payouts" are solely for credit to this webstore and shall grant no external financial compensation in the form of Cash or Gift Cards to external services.

Store Products are subject to change at any time without warning, this includes Sales,

Product Prices, and more. 

In the extremely unlikely event of the Server shutting down,

you are not subject to a refund and you will lose all related perks. 

Refund Policy:

Any purchases made on this store are under a strict non-refund policy. If you have not received the promised goods/services, you can contact us at and we may offer a refund at our discretion.